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The centrepiece of Flights of Folly: Learning from the Passenger Pigeon exhibit at Halton Region Museum was a taxidermied specimen in the Museum’s collection, but the exhibit addressed far more than just the pigeon. The 2014 show spoke to issues of…

A typical pioneer cabin display, Halton Region Museum, 2006.

A Picht braillewriter, first developed by Oscar Picht in Germany, c.1899. Donated to the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in 1987 by Roland Galarneau.

Photograph of the memorial plaque to Bishop Horden that was part of the Horden Hall Residential School

Traditional signature quilt, white with red embroidery, Milton Methodist Church (now St. Paul’s United Church, Milton), c. 1920
Halton Region Heritage Services Collection

An early model of a punch-card reader to be used by computer programmers who were blind. Developed by Dr. James Swail at the NRC, c.1968.

Piano Player.png
Artifact No. 1969.0700.001

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Cover, The Home Cook Book
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