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Hawker Hurricane.png
Artifact no. 1967.0664.001

Vacuum cleaner drawing - patent.png
Golden Rod Vacuum Cleaner Plans

Photograph of a Golden Rod Vacuum Cleaner.

The centrepiece of Flights of Folly: Learning from the Passenger Pigeon exhibit at Halton Region Museum was a taxidermied specimen in the Museum’s collection, but the exhibit addressed far more than just the pigeon. The 2014 show spoke to issues of…

Electric Range (1910).png
Artifact No. 1992.0876

20170906_111303_001 cropped adjusted.jpg
Length of Body: 3 ¾”
· Width of Sole: 1 1/16”
· Material: Cast steel

The first prototype of the Converto-Braille, a text to braille computerized transcriber developed by Roland Galarneau, c.1972.

Photographs of the A Collection of Psalms and Hymns in the language of the Cree Indians of North-West America publication
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