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Artifact no. 1968.0892.001

Map of the Anglican Diocese of Moosonee

Photograph of the memorial plaque to Bishop Horden that was part of the Horden Hall Residential School

Photographs of Moosonee school buildings, residential school students and clergy.

This petition from the Palermo branch Women’s Institute (WI) is one of a number of documents and photographs in Halton Heritage Services’ collection relating to WI branches throughout Halton Region. Now a worldwide organization, active in more than…

A Picht braillewriter, first developed by Oscar Picht in Germany, c.1899. Donated to the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in 1987 by Roland Galarneau.

A typical pioneer cabin display, Halton Region Museum, 2006.

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Artifact No. 1969.0700.001

Photographs of two editions of the Psalms and hymns in the Cree language publication.
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