Science, Technology and Gender in Canada: An Exhibit in Collaboration with the Canadian Science and Technology Museum

This exhibit is intended to feature a select number of objects from the collection of the Canadian Science and Technology Museum in Ottawa, Ontario. Together, the objects displayed will highlight the intersection of the history of science and technology in Canada with women and gender. Each object will be accompanied by a brief description written by an historian. This description will draw out the theme of the exhibit by addressing how the object speaks to women's contributions in the field of science and technology, as well as conceptions of gender that inform how technology is designed, implemented and subsequently remembered.  

Special thanks to the following people at the Canadian Science and Technology Museum who made this exhibit possible:

Fiona Smith Hale, Director of Knowledge and Information Management

Gordon Perrault, Director of Conservation and Collections Services

William Knight, Curator

Pat Hilborn, Artifact Handler

Phillip Craig, Artifact Handler



CSTM Online Collections

Innovation Canada 150 


Beth Robertson, Dorotea Gucciardo, Blair Stein, Madelaine Morrison